Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All about Access Roads

Whispering Wind over the past many years has remained land-locked with virtually no access to the Pashan-Baner link road from any side. As seen in the graphic below:
(1) Access to PBLR on the left side is restricted since the stretch of road in front of K.Sahawas was owned by and WWind residents were informed they were being allowed to commute on this road out-of-good-faith.
(2) Access along the same stretch but on the Valenncia side also remained perpetually restricted since the land was rumoured to be owned by local corporator who had even put up a fencing as seen clearly in the photo in the post
(3) Access to PBLR in the direction of Rolling Hills too is restricted by the Ram Wagle plot between WWind and Crystal Garden.
Meanwhile, Mahesh S Prabhu of Rolling Hills has provided indepth information about the various access roads between Pashan-Baner link road to Baner road. Read all about the various access roads that were originally planned/proposed and their status as on date on his blog. The url is
Do read the above informative post and drop a mail pledging your support for the cause.
One of Mahesh's recent activity has been to have streetlights on PBLR operational last month by tirelessly following up with pmc and also getting the issue highlighted in Pune Mirror.

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